Local Outdoor Company Makes a Positive Impact Amid COVID-19

Pete CodellaArticles, COVID-19

This article is part of a series featuring Utah-based companies and what they’re doing during the coronavirus pandemic.

With personal protective equipment (PPE) in short supply, one local outdoor gear and clothing company is stepping up to the plate by donating fabric and making face masks. 

Coalatree is using upcycled fabric it has on stock at its SLC headquarters and partnering with Blacksmith International, a local sewing factory, to the produce face masks. For every mask purchased through their website, Coalatree will donate one mask to community members in need of PPE.

“We were looking for a way to make a positive impact on our local community and our family of customers worldwide during this pandemic. By partnering with Blacksmith International, we’ve figured out a way to do just that by donating fabric and creating face masks,” said JM Fabrizi, director of brand development.

Wearing reusable organic cotton face masks helps keep you and your loved ones safer when you need to get out of the house, and it makes it harder for the virus to infect you, notes Fabrizi. 

“With the savings, we were able to garner by using excess, upcycled fabric, we were able to incorporate a giveback initiative into the sales of the masks,” said Fabrizi. “For any mask purchased on our website, we are giving a mask to someone or an organization in need.”

Face masks can be ordered on Coalatree’s website.

If you or a loved one are critically in need of a facemask and are unable to afford one, please send an email to support@coalatree.com, and the company will do its best to help those in need.